Playground Removal

Under ConstructionUnder Construction

NOTICE: As part of our New Playground Project our existing large playground structure will be removed on Friday April 12th.  The areas near the playground structures will be blocked off with fencing during the removal.  We ask that families and students please stay away from the area.  We anticipate the snowfence being removed by Monday morning.  The area will be inspected to esnure it is safe for students prior to the snowfencing being removed.  The gravel will remain for now, but upon completion of the project the area will be reclaimed with new loam and sod.  

The old playground has been donated to another small Alberta community that will use the salvageable parts to build a smaller playground structure for their community.  By donating the equipment away DMG School Council avoids the costs of removing the structure as the removal costs will be covered by the other community.  

The small playground structure and tire swings will remain.  

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school.