Author Lisa Bowes Inspires our Young Writers

Lisa Bowes inspires young DMG authorsLisa Bowes inspires young DMG authors

Our DMG Grade 3 and 4 classes had the privilege this past week, of sitting in a writing session with the Canadian sports media personality and author, Lisa Bowes. She is the author of the Lucy Tries Sports book series, which inspire young kids to get involved in sports and active lifestyles, while overcoming fears that might be associated with them. After presenting a problem that Lucy has to face, Lisa invites the reader in to see how Lucy comes up with a solution or overcomes her fears. Lisa is going to be walking our Grade 3/4 students through the writing and illustrating process involved in creating their own stories. Each student will be his or her own main character, trying something new, tackling a problem, or overcoming an obstacle, just like Lucy does in Lisa's books. This is such an amazing opportunity for our students to be mentored by this renowned author, while building writing, problem-solving, and innovative skills. We are excited to see the work that will come from this opportunity.