School Council

We believe the students are most likely to be successful learners when all the concerned participants of our school community (parents, teachers, school and district administration, staff and interested persons in the community at large) work together to support, enable, enhance and promote the effectiveness of our school.

What is School Council?

Established in 1995 under the School Act, Alberta Education defines school councils as “a collective association of parents, secondary students, principal, teachers, and community representative(s) whose purpose is to advise the principal and the Board of Trustees respecting matters related to the school.“

School councils have legislated advisory and decision-making authority defined within the School Act and the School Councils Regulation 113/2007.

What is the Fundraising Society?

A necessary separate entity from Council whose primary responsibility is to raise funds to support the school and school council goals.

2018-19 DMG School Council Executive


Anthony Rider


Sarah Lynch


Abi Dyson


Kenda Goyette


Candice Mack


Kristi Nutter


Get Involved

Family Involvement – The Foundation for Student Success


  • Come along to monthly meetings
  • Participate in events and sales fundraisers
  • Help out with Hot Lunch days
  • Sponsor playground equipment
  • Join one of our committees: Hot Lunch; Fundraising, Finance
  • Volunteer your talents to help us achieve our goals and keep OUR school a great place for our kids to thrive

Fundraising Initiatives


This is a popular and successful program which gives a break from lunch making duties a few days each week, while raising enough money to support school programs.

This program relies on volunteers to receive, cook (hotdog days), and distribute the lunches.



A number of sales and event type fundraisers will be announced shortly, all aimed at raising money for our inclusive playground upgrades. 

Current Playground Fundraisers:


For the latest DMG Playground Information check out our

DMG School Council Playground site!




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