Learning Commons

What is a Learning Commons?

A Learning Commons is a common, or shared, learning space that is both physical and virtual.  A Learning Commons supports a student centred approach that emphasizes active and collaborative engagement and encourages the co-creation of knowledge by all learners.

March Book Madness

What's more fun than college basketball's March Madness - DMG's March Book Madness!  All through the month we'll be voting for our favourite picture book and favourite middle grade novel from the past year.  Our favourite picture book will receive the Goode Award - named after Mrs. Sue Goode, long time teacher and reading guru at DMG.  Our favourite middle grade novel will receive the Gibson Award.  It will be an exciting month of voting...stay tuned for our favourites to be revealed soon!

And, March is the birthday of one of our favourite author's - Dr. Seuss.  Seuss was born March 2, 1904 and wrote over 60 books for children.  Because of Seuss, we can help the Lorax with the environment, we can read with our eyes wide shut  and our hearts have grown three times larger.  Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!





FSD Learning Commons Mission Statement

To facilitate literacy, ethical global citizenship and learning opportunities as a collaborative community of innovative lifelong learners.