School Council

We believe the students are most likely to be successful learners when all the concerned participants of our school community (parents, teachers, school and district administration, staff and interested persons in the community at large) work together to support, enable, enhance and promote the effectiveness of our school.

 The objectives of the DMG School Council, in keeping with the School Act and the School Council Regulation, are as follows:

  • To provide advice (i.e., input) to staff, the principal, and the school board on issues of importance such as the school philosophy, mission and vision,  school improvement plans, programs, directions and budget allocations to support and enhance student learning;
  • To stimulate continuous improvement and meaningful involvement by all members of the school community;
  • To facilitate collaboration among concerned participants of the school community;
  • To support an approach to schooling in which decisions are made collaboratively and, whenever possible, at the school and classroom level;
  • To support the common vision of our school; and
  • To facilitate formal performance evaluations of our School Council and communicate the results of this evaluation to the school division and school community.

Membership: the parents/guardians of the students enrolled at Dr. Morris Gibson School; the principal and vice-principal; a teacher representative; and an elected parent/guardian executive.

2016/17 School Council Executive:                                                                                  

  • Sian Anderson, Chair
  • Charity Chanut, Vice-Chair
  • Patty Haslam, Fundraising Coordinator
  • Kenda Goyette, Treasurer                                            
  • Shelli Perry, Secretary

*All Executive positions are elected annually at our Annual General Meeting (May).

2016/17 Meeting Dates:

(All Meetings are at 6:00 PM in our Learning Commons)

Month Agenda Minutes Admin Topic
September 28th, 2016     School Start-Up, 2016-17 Overview
October 26th, 2016      
November 23rd, 2016


5:30 p.m. Start

N/A N/A No Meeting Scheduled


Purpose of School Council Workshop presented by Alberta School Councils Association

December –  NO MEETING      
January 25th, 2016      
March 1st, 2016 (Feb Meeting)      
March 29th, 2016      
April 26th, 2016      
May 24th, 2016 (AGM)      

Note: There are no meetings in December or June.

All meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm in the Library. All are welcome! Please contact us at:  

Hot Lunch Corner

Our School Council runs a volunteer-based hot lunch/hot dog program on Wednesdays (hot lunch) and Thursday/Fridays (hot dogs) that provide valuable fundraising income for DMG (to support field trips, purchase musical instruments, build the basketball court, library materials, etc). On-line ordering is ongoing…be sure to check out the hotlunches website for monthly ordering deadlines. 

 Questions regarding the Hot Lunch program can be directed to the DMG Hot Lunch Team at:     

Volunteer support is always required and greatly appreciated.

Fundraising Initiatives

Our 2015-16 fund raising was be targeted towards a variety of school based programs as well as a large project focused on providing a wider variety of playground opportunities for children.   The first phase of new playground equipment is in the ordering process.  This will feature accessible swings for all students to enjoy.  This will be an investment of almost $30,000.

During 2016-17 our fund raising will go towards supporting in school programs such as sports clubs, musicals, choir, and student clubs as well as Phase II of making our playground space more inclusive and accessible for all students.

Thank you for supporting the fund raising initiatives at DMG!